Local Down Syndrome Achievement Center Becomes Beneficiary of Rivertowns Rotary Sponsored Speech Therapy Day - April 29th 2023
The Rivertowns Rotary sponsored a vital day of individual and group speech therapy sessions for Gigi’s Playhouse participants on Saturday April 29th. In addition to three speech and language therapists, Pepper the therapy dog also joined the volunteers. To celebrate the day, the local Rotarians have secured donations from SLYCE Pizza in Ardsley, and Penny Lick Ice Cream in Hastings. The Honorable Mayor of Ardsley, Nancy Kaboolian, also attended the celebration.
Gigi’s Playhouse in Ardsley has a unique and positive approach to empowering those with Down syndrome and their families to reach their highest potential. Their custom, research-based curriculum works towards advancing literacy, math skills, motor skills, self-esteem and independence.  All programs at Gigi’s Playhouse are offered to over 100 participants a month for free and 99% of the teachers, tutors, therapists and mentors are doing so on a voluntary basis.
The local Rotary club has raised funds to purchase a smart interactive white board to assist in training and education sessions for Gigi’s participants. Deb Bornstein, President Elect of the Rivertowns Rotary, stated that Gigi’s Playhouse was chosen to be a recipient of the donation because “It became very apparent that this organization and their volunteers are working passionately every day to make a lasting difference in their participants lives”.
The day was a huge success that our Rotarians will never forget. 
For information on meetings or to donate
 Deb Bornstein (516.680.6746)